Delta Tech Hoodie

Delta Tech Hoodie

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Natural UPF protection and full covereage make the Grid Tech hoody a go-to for warmer days. 


'Polartec's Delta fabric was created to more efficiently evelate touch-points - increasing airflow, allow for faster moisture dispersal, and reduce wet-cling.' - 


This material is rugged for a lightweight fabric and performs best with some airflow.


  • Specs

    Avg. Weight: 9.8 oz.

    75% Polyester, 25% Tencel Lyocell

    100% Trilobal Polyester Thread

  • Care

    Machine wash cold, Tumble Dry low, do not bleach, iron or dry clean. Avoid fabric softeners

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Lifetime repairs on all gear

When you purchase a MoLa hoody, you get a lifetime guarantee. That means that we replace product's which have manufacturing defects at no cost to you. We are also happy to repair damage resulting from use for a reasonable cost. Quality is important to us and your feedback is critical to the evolution of our products.