Rogue Tech Jersey

Rogue Tech Jersey


Using a combination of Delta and Grid Tech fabrics, the Rogue Longsleeve Jersey is both durable and super breathable to help you stay cool on tough climbs or protected from the sun out on the water. 


The cuffs ensure that your hands are unrestricted so you can get a solid grip on the handlebars as you make your way down a techy section.


4-way stretch and lightweight, this tech shirt performs in all of your favorite activities. Climbing, biking, kiting or sailing - moisture is wicked away and the sun is kept off your body. 


Naturally UPF 30+

  • Specs

    Avg. Weight: 8 oz.

    75% Polyester, 25% Tencel Lyocell -- 100% Polyester

    100% Trilobal Polyester Thread

  • Care


    Machine wash cold, Tumble Dry low, do not bleach, iron or dry clean.

    Avoid fabric softeners

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Lifetime repairs on all gear

When you purchase a MoLa hoody, you get a lifetime guarantee. That means that we replace product's which have manufacturing defects at no cost to you. We are also happy to repair damage resulting from use for a reasonable cost. Quality is important to us and your feedback is critical to the evolution of our products.