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Mola Hoods
1070 W. Main St. #1
Richmond, VT 05477

To enter, please go through the front Red Door and we are the first unit on the left.

Shop Hours are:

Mon-Fri 9:30-5:30

Please understand that Mola is a one-person operation, and hours may fluctuate. If you are making a trip to Richmond specifically to come by the shop, please reach out ahead of time!

Thank you!


The idea of "MoLa" is a simple one - Mountain + Lake. Each piece is designed with these two playgrounds in mind. Specifically, the Green Mountains and Lake Champlain.

After tinkering with activewear creation for the better part of a decade, Mola became a more formal realization in the Winter of 2020. Inspired to make comfortable clothing that would perform in all of our favorite activities, I blended together the best qualities of the gear in my closet - lightweight, athletic fit, breathable, and extra breathable where a pack would go. I wound up with some super comfy hoodies that became daily wear at home, touring, on the boat, on the trails, and at the delta. Upon looking further into sourcing, I grew increasingly aware of the number of companies that prioritize profit over ethical sourcing and fair labor practices.

All products are 'made to order' - When you place an order, that order is put in line to be produced. I typically make 4 items/workday, so the turnaround time is dependent on how many other orders are in line. When an item is listed as "in stock", it means that the fabric to produce it is in stock.



​​Mola's mission is to bring a sustainable mindset to the production of outdoor recreational apparel through local production, conscientious sourcing, and connection with our outdoor community. We believe a personal connection to clothing helps facilitate the growing consumer movement towards ethically produced gear. Shipping clothing around the world seems unnecessary when quality apparel can be produced right in your own community.



Keeping production local and working with other likeminded organizations will always be at the top of the priority list at Mola. I love seeing people wearing gear produced with my own two hands!

As Mola grows, so will our contribution back to local groups, trail networks, and environmental efforts. Thank you for your support!


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