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Men's L Nosedive/Chute Crew

Men's L Nosedive/Chute Crew


This top is built with a combination of fabrics - an experimental tighter weave fleece on the chest and Polartec's Midweight PowerGrid on the sleeves & back. 


This top is intended to perform like the original Nosedive Hoodie, purpose built for cool days of touring, hiking, or biking with a pack. The tighter weave fleece chest protects your core from the elements and the PowerGrid back and arms allow for fast evaporation of sweat and keeping your limbs loose and unrestricted! The PowerGrid's anti-microbial properties help to keep your stink down. Water repellent, breathable, and moisture wicking.


This crew also features a zipped chest pocket to store your gadgets, etc. 

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When you purchase a MoLa product, you get a lifetime guarantee. That means that we replace items which have manufacturing defects at no cost to you. Damage resulting from use is available for a reasonable rate. Quality is important to us and your feedback is critical to the evolution of our products.

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